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We Keep You Informed

News whether it is good news or bad news, news on the regulatory front, or in manufactured housing, or at the Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB), or at OSHA, or the EPA, the news is often heard first at a PHCC NEVADA meeting or in a PHCC email alert. News that can affect the way you do business.

Exposure to Nevada’s Most Successful Plumbers

Business owners prefer to do business with people they have confidence in. Every contact you make at a PHCC NEVADA function is a potential asset to your business. Your continued success may not only depend on “What” you know, but also “Who” you know.

Information is Power

Receive advanced notice on what affects your industry, your company, and your profitability. You’ll hear it first with our members’ only updates, at our monthly meetings and websites. We work to bring you the most current and accurate information on developing industry issues.

You Are The Industry

What affects residential development in southern Nevada affects you. Each year we tackle issues threatening the continued success of the plumbing industry. Active membership in PHCC NEVADA is a re-investment in our collective future.

Strength in Numbers

Have you discovered regulatory obstacles and bureaucratic barriers to your success? By joining PHCC NEVADA you become an important part of the largest and most respected voice for residential and small commercial plumbing sales in the State of Nevada. Put our legislative and governmental influence to work for you.

Extend Your Influence

By joining PHCC NEVADA you become a member of a powerful advocate for the plumbing service and new construction in the city, county and state.

Interested in Joining?

Print out the PDF here and fax it to the PHCC office at 702-252-0378.

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